About Me

My name is Brevin Passamonte, I am a sophomore at Dauphin County Technical School. I am fifteen years of age and some activities I enjoy doing in my free time are, watching tv, playing videogames, and doing nerdy things. I also enjoy collecting things and studying random topics. After high school, I do not want to be a web developer, however I feel as if web development and basic programming/scripting is a good skill to have.

Music is a big part of my life and definitely a big influence. I do not have much interest in making music, however without listening to it, I would definitely be lost for sure. I appreciate all content creators, especially when it comes to music, as it is a hard journey, however very rewarding when you make it to the top. Some of my favorite albums can be found below.

2014 Forest Hills Drive Abbey Road A Love Letter To You 3 American IV DAMN. Favourite Worst Nightmare Flower Boy Goblin Illmatic