Web Discovery Fridays


Graphic Design

  • Create a poster to be printed, laminated, and hung in the classroom. Below are topics to create posters for. Coordinate with Mr. Choate for the content of the posters.
    • Web coding languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL)
    • HTML Tags
    • CSS Selectors
    • Color Wheel/Theory
    • Web Design & Development Process
    • Web Development & Design Careers
  • Create a GIF to replace Schoology Cover photos for classes.
  • Create your own font.
  • Utilize Adobe Character Animator and a webcam to create an animation. Click here for Adobe Character Animator Lessons


  • Help improve https://dcts.org/
    • Create a custom plugin that can be deployed on the https://dcts.org/ website that automatically updates if it is an A or B day.
    • In the staff directory page create a search function that will allow a user to search by department, name, etc.
  • Create a custom WordPress plugin.
  • Create custom blocks utilizing the “Genesis Custom Blocks” plugin.
  • Connect Microsoft Teams and Schoology with an API that will alert a student if an assignment is due and has not been completed.
  • Create a database that allows coaches of recreational teams (soccer, baseball, etc) to rate players to assist in balancing teams for future seasons.


  • Create an interactive game utilizing JavaScript.
    • Tic Tac Toe
    • Connect 4
    • Pig