Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC)

Welcome to the Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC) page for the High School Web Design and Development Class. This committee plays a crucial role in shaping the direction and curriculum of our program.

What is an OAC?

An Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC) is a vital component of any vocational or technical education program. It is a group of professionals, experts, students, and parents of students who provide guidance and feedback to ensure that the curriculum aligns with industry standards and prepares students for successful careers.

Responsibilities of OAC Members

The members of the OAC are responsible for attending advisory committee meetings twice per year. These meetings are essential as they serve as a platform for collaboration between the school and industry professionals. During these meetings, members share their expertise, offer insights into current industry trends, and provide valuable feedback on the curriculum.

Who Can Join the OAC?

The OAC members play a vital role in shaping the education and career prospects of our students. Members of the OAC include:

Local Businesses

Local businesses are the backbone of our community, and their involvement in the OAC is invaluable. Their expertise and real-world experience bring a practical perspective to the classroom, ensuring that students are learning skills that are directly applicable in the workforce.


Student participation in the OAC is crucial for a well-rounded perspective. Their input helps us understand the evolving needs and expectations of young professionals entering the field of web design and development. Student members provide a unique viewpoint on the curriculum, which is invaluable for keeping it relevant and engaging.

Parents/Guardians of Students

Parents/guardians are a cornerstone of our educational community. Their involvement in the OAC demonstrates a commitment to their child’s education and future. Their insights, concerns, and expectations contribute to the development of a program that not only educates but also nurtures personal and professional growth.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Occupational Advisory Committee for the High School Web Design and Development Class, we welcome your participation. Please reach out to Mr. Choate at jchoate@dcts.org for more information.

We look forward to your valuable contributions and the impact it will have on the education and future success of our students!

OAC Meeting Minutes Archive