Skills and certifications

Item Task Date Rating
101 Explain the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) system for hazardous chemicals and materials. 5/2/23 P
104 Practice correct ergonomic strategies, i.e., posture, wrist placement, monitor configuration. 5/2/23 A
105 Identify the characteristics of positive digital citizenship. 5/2/23 A
106 Demonstrate a positive digital footprint. 5/2/23 A
301 Research the evolution of information technology. 5/2/23 B
302 Analyze the impact of information technology on business. 5/2/23 B
304 Identify basic data types used as web assets. 5/2/23 N
305 Describe the evolution of the Internet and how it is used. 5/2/23 B
306 Identify emerging information technologies. 5/2/23 B
307 Analyze the impact of information technology on society. 5/2/23 B
308 Identify file storage sizes and the relationship to each other. 5/2/23 P
309 Demonstrate consistent and clear file naming conventions. 5/2/23 A
401 Create documents using word processing/publishing software 5/2/23 A
403 Create spreadsheets for real-world business problems. 5/2/23 B
405 Differentiate the features and advantages of code editors. 5/2/23 P
406 Implement advanced Internet and Boolean search parameters. 5/2/23 B
503 Use connectivity devices and peripheral equipment. 5/2/23 A
504 Manage the various file types in accordance with asset management principles. 5/2/23 B
505 Compare and contrast the basic differences among operating systems. 5/2/23 A
506 Investigate basic issues affecting system purchase and upgrade decisions. 5/2/23 B
508 Perform basic software preference configurations. 5/2/23 A
509 Describe the importance of data backup strategies. 5/2/23 B
601 Identify the elements that are required to connect to the Internet 5/2/23 B
604 Compare the features of web browsers. 5/2/23 B
605 Differentiate storage transfer technologies and processes. 5/2/23 B
604 Describe file transfer as it relates to web publishing. 5/2/23 A
609 Examine Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) and encryption implementation on websites. 5/2/23 N
610 Identify Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance as it relates to e-commerce offerings. 5/2/23 N
802 Apply various software programs associated with graphics and interactive design. 5/2/23 B
804 Perform image file optimization for use on web 5/2/23 N
805 Create a comprehensive brand identity, including style guide/tiles. 5/2/23 B
810 Differentiate between raster and vector images as they apply to graphic and web design. 5/2/23 A
811 Practice typographic concepts, e.g., legibility, readability, hierarchy, leading, kerning, tracking. 5/2/23 B
812 Create an object using graphic design software. 5/2/23 A
813 Apply color theory to design content. 5/2/23 A
814 Convert and optimize raster and vector file formats. 5/2/23 P
901 Implement project and time management components. 5/2/23 N
902 Convert and optimize raster and vector file formats. 5/2/23 P
902 Plan an effective design for a project using wireframing, thumbnails, or storyboard procedures. 5/2/23 N
903 Apply principles of design, layout, and typography to a project. 5/2/23 N
904 Practice the steps in a web design life cycle, e.g., planning, development, deployment, testing, and revision. 5/2/23 N
905 Utilize classic design principles in the creation of a responsive design. 5/2/23 N
907 Critique a project to determine whether it meets the designated guidelines. 5/2/23 B
908 Use the golden ratio and rule of thirds in graphic content. 5/2/23 N
1102 Create a storyboard or outline for a multimedia project. 5/2/23 N
1103 Create master slides, templates, and/or themes. 5/2/23 N
1108 Create a multimedia project using charts, graphs, tables, and user interactivity from other sources. 5/2/23 N
1109 Create handouts and/or other visuals for a multimedia presentation. 5/2/23 B
1110 Present a multimedia presentation. 5/2/23 B
1113 Summarize and present information using communication technology skills. 5/2/23 N
1201 Explain the security issues related to computers and Internet technology. 5/2/23 B
1203 Comply with copyright laws when creating advanced desktop-published, multimedia, and website design projects. 5/2/23 B
1204 Adhere to ethical and appropriate use of elements in projects. 5/2/23 B
1205 Comply with copyright licensing agreements. 5/2/23 B
1206 Implement security measures to guard against computer crimes. 5/2/23 B
1208 Comply with accessibility and accommodation of persons with special needs. 5/2/23 N
1209 Research and articulate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act requirements and related legislation. 5/2/23 N
1210 Analyze and evaluate Acceptable Use Policies (AUP). 5/2/23 N
1211 Analyze and evaluate privacy policies and related legislation. 5/2/23 N
1212 Analyze and evaluate the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (CAN-SPAM) and the opt-out provisions of the legislation. 5/2/23 N
1301 Identify certifications related to the career area. 5/2/23 B
1304 Compose a professional online career portfolio. 5/2/23 B
1305 Create a professional resume that visually represents technical proficiencies. 5/2/23 N
1401 Collaborate with peers and others to develop design and content plans. 5/2/23 B
1403 Determine client needs by completing a client needs assessment for a client. 5/2/23 N
1404 Create a client proposal. 5/2/23 N
1405 Plan and develop a client job cost analysis. 5/2/23 N
1406 Evaluate a client contractual agreement. 5/2/23 N
1502 Use an HTML text editor. 5/2/23 P
1503 Create tables in HTML. 5/2/23 B
1506 Create hyperlinks. 5/2/23 A
1507 Prepare website content using proper grammar and punctuation. 5/2/23 A
1508 Test and validate a website. 5/2/23 B
1509 Publish and update a website using file transfer protocols. 5/2/23 A
1511 Embed images to a website. 5/2/23 P
1514 Embed audio and video to a website. 5/2/23 N
1515 Embed animated image to a website. 5/2/23 N
1516 Examine emerging trends in website design. 5/2/23 N
1518 Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in websites. 5/2/23 N
1519 Analyze a website analytic report. 5/2/23 N
1520 Examine web server technology. 5/2/23 N
1522 Create page sections using the standards of HTML5 5/2/23 B
1523 Implement DIV and SPAN elements to separate content on a webpage. 5/2/23 N
1524 Practice proper head container metadata, i.e. title, keywords, description. 5/2/23 P
1525 Publish a website using a content management system. 5/2/23 N
1526 Create a website with responsive design. 5/2/23 N
1527 Optimize media for web. 5/2/23 N
1528 Create website elements compatible with touch screens. 5/2/23 N
1529 Create a form. 5/2/23 B
1530 Analyze and implement use of UX. 5/2/23 N
1531 Analyze and implement use of UI. 5/2/23 N
1532 Explore social media integration. 5/2/23 N
1601 Practice the use of cascading style sheets (CSS) in web development. 5/2/23 P
1604 Implement an ID selector to apply and identify style rules. 5/2/23 P
1606 Implement a class selector to apply and identify style rules. 5/2/23 P
1607 Create and link a single external style sheet. 5/2/23 P
1608 Validate CSS code. 5/2/23 P
1609 Implement an HTML element selector to apply and identify style rules. 5/2/23 P
1610 Implement external fonts. 5/2/23 P
1701 Develop flowcharts to demonstrate program logic and explain object handlers. 5/2/23 N
1702 Place JavaScript in HTML files internally and externally 5/2/23 N
1703 Construct JavaScript functions. 5/2/23 B
1704 Write conditional statements and loops in JavaScript. 5/2/23 B
1705 Implement event handlers in HTML files. 5/2/23 N