All About Me!

My portfolio

Hello, everybody. My name is Bryce Norfleet, I'm from Susquehanna and I'm VERY interested in the course and experience of Web Development. I'm 14-years-old Freshman and I like sports, video games, music, food, pets/animals, and SO MANY other things! I wanted to try Web Development, because I'm interested in the many technologies such as computers (which we learn and work with everyday) and how they're crafted and constructed, and I would like to learn a lot more about computers.

The reason that I want to learn more about computers is because they have programs, software and hardware, operating systems, applications; and those are just primary bases to the system of the computer. You can create all types of things when using computers (with the help of some applications and software) videos, pictures (Photoshop), video games, Powerpoint's, Document, Spreadsheets, applicatons (apps) and many other things.

I interested in creating and making music and video-games, that always been my dream and goal and I want to be able to bring that goal to life and achieve it. I want to spread my creativity troughout the things I do, I want to challenge myself even though there are many field of study in the program of Web Development. I want to find one in Web where I can learn how to create videos, music, video games, and other structures, and I just want to learn the overall basis about technology.

My Top 3 Favorite Video Games

  1. Cuphead
  2. Friday Night Funkin'
  3. Minecraft

Favorite Books to Read

Book Author/Illustration Rate from 1 to 10
Big Nate Lincoln Pierce Absolutley 10! Legendary
My Weirder School Dan Gutman 10, the weirdness is real
Captain Underpants Dav Pilkey About a 8 or 9, I haven't really read it in a long time, but legend
You Won't When I'm Gone Kristen Orlando The whole story is sad, but amazing! 10
Dog Man Dav Pilkey A Legendary; A FULL 10/10!100!

In this school, you guys might call me Bryce. But, in my hood and when I'm doing rapping, they call me Iceb and the Icebreaker!