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Hello, everybody. My name is Bryce Norfleet, I'm from Susquehanna and I'm VERY interested in the course and experience of Web Development. I am a 14-year-old Freshman and I like sports, video games, music, food, pets/animals, and SO MANY other things! I wanted to try Web Development, because I'm interested in the many technologies such as computers (which we learn and work with everyday) and how they're crafted and constructed, and I would like to learn a lot more about computers. I also want to learn about video game design and art and how those things are portrayed in used when using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and any other Markup Language.

The reason that I want to learn more about computers is because they have programs, software and hardware, operating systems, applications; and those are just primary bases to the system of the computer. You can create all types of things when using computers (with the help of some applications and software) videos, pictures (Photoshop), video games, Powerpoint's, Document, Spreadsheets, applicatons (apps) and many other things. Using different application also can give you experience and retrospect to how the app will run and provide for the user.

I interested in creating and making music and video-games, that's always been my dream and goal, and I want to be able to bring that goal to life and achieve it. I want to spread my creativity throughout the things I do, I want to challenge myself even though there are many field of studies in the program of Web Development. I want to find one in Web where I can learn how to create videos, music, video games, and other structures and I just want to learn the overall basis about technology. The structures of technology is something that goes far beyond the travel of time and space, and we've also been able to create AI and AI adaptable technologies throughout the course of the years, who knows what experience awaits us futher then.

I've learned so much about HTML and CSS, I might not know ALL of it at this very second, but I'm clear I now the basis of them. When it comes to making websites, these two are the most important to use, including Javascript (which we haven't learned yet and going to learn in our sophomore or junior year) but it's good to mention condealing with designing and building an app or website. Also, I feel like a Top Tier Pro when it comes to these things and being able to no so much about building your very own website can go a very long way to if you want advertise or you want to sell a product, it's all in the power and production of a website.

This is what I think I look like:

This is how I actually look: