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Leigha Miller


Hi! My name is Leigha Miller. Here are some facts about me! The school I am going to is DCTS. It's a great school. My home school is hershey The shop I am in is Web Development and Design. I really want to learn about making websites. I also want to learn how to do video game design. I can already make my own video games, which is why I joined Web design.

Fun things

In my free time, I enjoy playing Sims. Sims is a simulation game where you can create families and make houses, etc. I also like to hangout with my family, including my dog. Her name is Luna and she is a German Shepard. My family and I go shopping for clothes and games.

  • Create a sim
  • Build houses
  • you can download packs
  • Vacation

    Lastly, I have traveled to a lot of cool places outside the state of Pennsylvania. One of these places is Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Their beaches are beautiful. However, it takes forever to get through the state of Virginia while driving, but luckily I can sleep for most of the drive. I have also been to the beaches in Delaware and Maryland. Vacationing with my family is a lot of fun!

    Hilton head, South Carolina Maryland Delaware
    Things that I like in Hilton head Things that I like in Maryland Things that I like in Delaware
    There warm beaches There sandy beaches There beaches
    the plants that are there beach Shops The land
    The tirtle pond at the beach the food shops the housing
    the condo's the hotel the Shops