Hello, my name is Jordan, and I'm currently attend DCTS as a student here. Here are a couple of facts about me, I play 2 sports. I play basketball and football. I wasn't gonna do the web but things took a turn, I feel like the Web is actually something I could do in the future. My goal for the year is to make sure I pass and learn to work harder and faster on the web. In the future, I want to go to college and have a bright future.


My hobbies are playing video games like apex, overwatch 2, madden 23, and 2k23. I think it's a good thing that people can make games others can play all over the world. I don't really know what I'm sometimes doing on the web but, day by day I'm getting it. I have one good skill that will be good in the future and that is making good stories; I'm one of three siblings and I'm the middle child.


My two favorite sports are football and basketball and I really like to be active, I can't just sit in the house all day. I have been playing football since I was 4, and football was the only sport I played until I played basketball in 8th grade. I started to play late but I think if I put in a lot of hard work I can add to my game. My favorite NFL team is the Philadelphia Eagles and my favorite NBA team is the Miami heat.

personality list

  1. kinesthetic
  2. Naturalist
  3. Visual
  4. Top 4 favorite foods

    name of the food most place it eaten in rating
    steak hong kong 10/10
    sea food China 10/10
    oxtails jamaican 10/10