My Portfolio


My name is Rylan Henry. I am currently a Freshman. I came from CD and went to Swatara middle school. I decided to do Web Development and Design because I find coding and html to be very interesting. I also enjoy solving problems and figuring things out.


As a hobby I enjoy playing video games on my ps4 with friends. I like to play certain genres like PvP, Shooters, and fighting games. A few of my favorites are Modern Warfare II, Marvel’s Spiderman 1 and 2, and GTA. I hope to be able to make a game like these one day when I'm older. I also like to read comics.


One of my goals in the future is to eventually work for a game developing company. I plan to go to Penn State for college. I also plan to get my bachelor’s degree for Front-end Development. I want to make a good amount of money. I would also like to have my dream car, the Audi RS7.

Penn State University

Video Games Genre Revenue Reason Rating
Red Dead Redemption 2 Open World, Western $1.38 billion I enjoy open world games with lots of story and this game has a ton of that. 10/10
GTA 5 Open World, Multiplayer $7.68 billion It is fun to play with friends but can be annoying. 6.5/10
Minecraft Sandbox, Multiplayer $3.1 billion I enjoy playing minecraft with friends because it is always a fun time. 8/10