Adrian Buckner's Portfolio

Facts About Me

My name is Adrian Bucnkner and I’m a 14 year old that goes to DCTS. My home school is Susquehanna and I came to DCTS to learn more about web design and development. It was hard for me to choose what program I really wanted to be in because I liked almost all of them.

Why I chose WEB

I chose to be in web design because I wanted to learn more about coding and video game designing. I mainly wanted to learn about video game designing because I like to play video games and one day I plan on making my own video game and this would definitely help me out a lot. I know the web isn't going to help me with making the game but it will definitely help me with the designing part. I also really want to make my own website and when I make my own video game I can put my game on the website that I make. Honestly I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be doing web design because I'm starting to like sports again.


Some of my hobbies are playing video games and playing sports. I’ve been playing sports since I was about 5 years old. My favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles. As I got older I started to like the internet and being online more. I recently started liking coding and designing websites. I think web design is the perfect class for me because it has everything I want to do online. I would love to continue to do what I'm doing now in the future.

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