Welcome To My Portfolio

~# About Me

Hello, my name is Braydan, and I currently attend DCTS. One of my most extensive interests is refurbishing computers. When I refurbish a computer I like to choose one that’s old and either rare or has a story to it. Another Hobby I have is working out. I prefer stamina and strength exercises when I work out; I also don't go to any gym but instead work out at home. Those are the two main hobbies I do. I have a whole list of hobbies, but listing all of them would be a chore.

picture of me

Hobbie Time spent a day Interest level
mountain biking 1-2 hours 9/10
fixing computers 10minutes every other day 8/10
making things every other day 9/10
programming 1 hour 9/10
creating websites 1 hour 10/10

~# Skills

I have a lot of skills that revolve around technology, but I'll only get into a few of the skills I have to save time. I have a fair bit of experience with virtual machines; I typically start by creating a KVM virtual machine. This type of virtual machine is pretty advanced. The reason why I like to use it is because of its speed when configured properly. Another skill I have Is knowledge of how to use Linux. My choice Linux distro is arch. However, I plan on switching to Artix (similar to arch).

~# Games I Play

I have two platforms I choose to play on. My first platform is a steam deck; it's a very powerful gaming handheld that has insane performance for its size. The games I play on the steam deck are DOOM, Metro exodus, Plague inc, CS:GO and payday 2. On pc, I only play Minecraft or any of the games mentioned before when I have friends over and want to play at 4k60hz on the big TV. In Minecraft, I like to spend time playing with my friends or playing survival. I'm interested in the types of games that I'm interested in are open-world, action, split-screen co-op, and single-player.

what programming languages I plan on learning or are already learning

  1. Python
  2. PHP
  3. Rust

Links & Images

I search up a lot of things