Paul Saylor

Hi, my name is Paul Saylor. I have created this website, and I am updating it all the time. Some of my hobbies are

PC Game Year It Came Out How much Fun (1 - 10)
Minecraft Nov. 18, 2011 8 out of 10
Modern Warfare Oct. 25, 2019 9 out of 10
No Man's Sky Aug. 9, 2016 Have not played yet
Elite Dangerous Dec. 16, 2014 8 out of 10
Fortnite Jul. 211, 2017 7 out of 10
Vr Games Year It Came Out How much Fun (1 - 10)
Echo VR Arena Jul. 20, 2017 9 out of 10
Gorilla Tag Feb. 12, 2021 10 out of 10
Beat Saber May 1, 2018 9 out of 10
Pavlov 10 out of 10 Feb. 27, 2017
Onward 9 out of 10 Aug. 29, 2016

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About Me


I am a freshman here at DCTS and I'm in the Web Development program because it was the closest program to being able to code / program. My goal for coming here was to be able to code mods into games like Farming Simulator and Minecraft. I have wanted to be able to code since I was 9 when I saw my cousin programming a Minecraft server and heard that he made a website for something. He also had a really cool computer and once I saw that I knew I was going to be in the computer world. Today I have a really nice computer and I am learning to program here in DCTS, but I want to leave here knowing how to mod or make games.


The other interests I have are music, fast, slow, EDM, gospel, etc. I do not know why but sometimes I like certain genres of music and other days I wouldn't be able to stand it. Also, music helps relieve stress and helps me concentrate. My love of music led to percussion, then to the drumline. Drumline is so much fun, but it takes a lot of time and strength mentally and physically.


In the future, I hope to have a good-paying job in the programming industry. Sometime in the future, I want to have a side job as either DJ and/or make interesting youtube videos. Also have a website that allows people to pay me to DJ at parties, weddings, and different events. I want to be able to mix songs and have a good time with a crowd, I have to get over my stage fright first. I am glad to be at a DCTS to jumpstart my career in programming.