All about me

Hey! My name is Emily Sanchez. I love being extra, especially with my outfits, Im particular about my outfits because I feel that they reflect who I am as a person, what I love, and what I like. My favorite color would be turquoise because it reminds me of Deku. I love foxes because they are super sassy, and they make the weirdest noise. I play soccer and I enjoy playing it because I like that it challenges me. I can be a very difficult person to understand. Honestly, if you don't talk to me, I won't talk to you,thats how I work.

My Hobbies:

Im a big nerd for anime. and my favorite genres are fantasy, romance, and adventure. I started watching Dragon Ball Z first. Thats when I began to love anime. My top five are Hunter x Hunter, Hero Academia, One piece, Demon Slayer, and Cowboy Bebop. I think anime is a better version than reality because its artistic and adventurous, too.

Why I joined web:

I really enjoy working on computers, especially when your designing projects. I always like to create unique art work, I don't really seem to be interested in development because I don't really enjoy to type and repeat to make codes unless if its making some art but I'm not so interested in it. I also like the adobes apps, their really awesome and it helps me make my website look more colorfull.