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Why I love art?

I like to express myself to show who I am and what I'm feeling in my art.
I like the way the colors can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. Art makes people optimistic about their future, Art is not just about imagination, expression and creativity but it also develops self-confidence and self-discipline.
Thats why I love art because it brings the world together.

How does Art help you?

It can help to boost confidence and make us feel more engaged and resilient. Besides these benefits, art engagement also alleviates anxiety, depression and stress.The creation of art can provide a catharsis for difficult emotions, a distraction from stressful thoughts and experiences.

Fun Art Activitys I like to do!

First my favorite art activity is torn paper collages, I really enjoy doing the paper collage because you're basicly recycling news paper or magazines so you could create a piece of art work.
Second is foil painting, It's relaxing and satisfying when your moving the paint and creating shapes. Third would be freezer paper which is pretty awesome because you could pick your favorite logo or character from movies.
Fourth is origami, I like to make origami crows because their easy and I love crows.

Art I created!!

Art FreezerPaperart

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