Helping you find the perfect vacation in San Juan

I am here to help you go thru this step by step until you feel confident and willing to go into san juan, great spot for the holdays.

All the about san juan!

San Juan as the oldest European-founded city in america, San Juan is also a place for
modern pursuits, including shopping, dining, and nightlife! It is the largest city of puerto rico.
Bustling, beautiful, and full of amazing food!

Why San Juan

It's the home to one of the most unigue and richest cultures in the caribbean sea! San Juan have Diverse Landscapes and tropical weather, Amazing people and salsa dancing. and the best part is the city is easy to navigate. Who doesn't want to come to san jaun!?

Got questions?

You might be thinking, San Juan is filled with many puerto ricans who speak spanish right? Yes but don't worry there are plenty of apps to help you understand and speak the same language like Duolingo or Babble. If you don't know the Do's and Donts in San Juan don't fret because theres is youtube video that can teach you by very experienced man who knows the rules.Do's and Don'ts