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Hey! My name is Emily Sanchez and Im gonna tell you about myself. I love being extra, especially with my outfits. Im particular about my outfits because I feel that they reflect who I am as a person, what I love, and what I like. My favorite color would be turquoise because it reminds me of Deku!. I love foxes, they are super sassy and they make the weirdest noise. I play soccer and I enjoy playing it because I like that it challenges me. I can be a very difficult person to understand. Honestly, if you don’t talk to me, I won’t talk to you — that’s how I work. Sometimes I hang out with people who are easy for me to get along with.
Anime: I’m a big nerd for anime, and my favorite genres are fantasy, romance, and adventure. I started watching Dragon Ball Z first. That's when I began to love anime. My top Five are Hunter x Hunter, Hero Academia, One-piece, Demon Slayer, and Cowboy Bebop. I think anime is a better version than reality because it's enjoyable and adventurous, too.
How I draw: I was inspired by Dragon Ball Z so I began to draw anime. I started drawing when I was 9. I would ask my dad to buy me sketchbooks or drawing tutorials to practice when I have free time. The way I draw now is better than before. These days I make comics for people, I sell them for $10 or less. It still needs improvement but it's getting together. I’ll soon learn how to design on the computer and create awesome characters

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