Mahdi Mosleh

A picture of me

About me

My name is Mahdi Molseh. I like to play basketball in my free time. I can dunk the ball at 7 feet. I like to play video games in my free time too. My favorite games are Fortnite and Minecraft. I know how to build things and use power tools. I like to spend time with my family. We all like to play Uno and watch Netflix. I love to spend time with my friends; we all like to sit together, talk, and have fun. I like to go work with my dad when he needs me to. We install flooring, set up jobs, and fix anything that has problems. Something else I am good at is computers. I know how to use them very well and how to make their full potential.


Goals I have when I leave school are to have a good-paying job, at least 80 grand. I want to get a bachelor's degree so that when I ready to get a job they know I'm good for it. I want to get a powerful gaming pc for gaming, coding, and video editing. When I'm in my 20's I want to be able to get a Supra Mk5 or a GTR. I also want to create a website for my dad's store. That way my dad gets more customers.

Why I'm In Web

I got interested in web design in middle school. They had a class called Digital X and they would use I enjoyed using it. It used coding blocks that could keep stacking to make a game or a storyline. I also want to do video editing in web design. I can make montages using Fortnite. I like to code because of the things you can do. For example, when you go to a store's site you may see all the cool animations and parallax scrolling.

Bucket list

Give gifts for family
Make my dream gaming room
Go to Dubai
Get Audi R8
Go to Jordan

My Dream Cars

Favorite cars Horsepower Downside
Supra mk5 200Hp+ not good in snow
GTR 600Hp+ lack advance saftey
Lamborgini Huracan STO 600Hp+ maintenance cost alot
Audi r8 500Hp+ no cargo space