What I like to do

Something I like to do on my time off is building things, and setting up things. I help my parents and grandparents build things. If they bought a new printer I would have to set it up. If my dad has another rack for me to build for his store, I Would do it. I am good at instructions, you can give me anything I would be able to do it. I learned how to use tools from watching my dad and going out on jobs with him.

What I use

When I am building things I use a drill. My dad has 2 drills for me when I go to work with him. I have my own drill at home to use and my grandpa has one that I can use. I have Bit kits to use on the drills and some socket wrench bits to use on a drill which is very helpful when you have nuts and bolts. I also have extensions for the drill if there is a hard place for the drill to reach.

what I have built

I have built lots of things in my free time. I have built things like a gazebo, gym sets, Racks, a playground set, 4 desks, tv stand, 4 bed frames, garden stuff, coffee tables, and couches. Something I have setup are tvs, laptops, soundbars, too many printers, wifis, phones, striplights, monitors, and optimize computers. The hardest thing that I have done is the bed frames. It is hard because you need to lift the heavy bed frames to the 4 bedrooms including one downstairs. We needed a foot long extension since we couldn't reach four of the screws.


Mosleh, Mahdi. Gaming setup. 4/6. jpg


Mosleh, Mahdi. Gazebo at my house. 4/6. jpg


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