About Istanbul

Istanbul is a wonderful place to visit. It is full of fantastic views, amiable people, and is very safe. Everything is cheap and offers great service. The food is unbelievable. Their airport transport is very luxurious. Their hotels are very clean and luxurious. There is no crime and no one gets robbed. There are very cool and fun places to visit such as bus tours and day cruises. The mosques are giant here and are a must-see. There are lots of outdoor activities but if you want to stay inside this place has lots of shopping malls and stores. Also, there are some activities like bowling.


Things To Do

There are tons of things to do in Istanbul. There are tons of outdoor activities such as day cruises, bus tours, offroading, ziplining, fishing, swimming, parks, malls, stores, and so much more! The tours cost anywhere from 20-120 dollars for a whole day. they will also take you to islands with a bunch of stuff to do and give you food. The tour buses are the same thing but more expensive. You will go to places like a hot balloon, ski lift, offroading, malls, and tons of other places. There is so much more you can do. If you want to learn more go here activities



Transportation to Istanbul is expensive. An economy seat cost around $750 and a business seat cost around $3,500 per person. It is around a 10-hour flight and it's always packed full of people in the summer but in the winter it's not bad. While you are in Istanbul you will find tons of taxi drivers on every street so it's easy to get around. There is also a private hotel transfer service for less than 50$. It is very luxurious for this price. plane tickets: Plane tickets



Hotels in Istanbul are affordable and luxurious. They can cost 60-400 dollars for 7 nights for 2 people which is really good for what they offer. A 3-star hotel in Istanbul is like 10 stars in the US. their breakfast food is really good and if you invest a little more money the pool and spa at the hotels might blow you away. if you want to look at the hotel check this out Hotels



The weather in Istanbul is really nice since it is next to the equator. It is hot in the summer and in the winter it's nice and warm. Istanbul is dry so you won't see any clouds or rain. It is also surrounded by water so it can affect the temperature.



Istanbul is a safe city there are no crimes, or people carrying guns, but there are some pickpockets that can happen in heavy tourist areas. When I was there I didn't get pickpocketed but it can happen to some people. I would be careful on what you carry when you're going to popular areas.