All about me

By:Mahdi mosleh

I like to play basketball in my free time. I can dunk the ball at 7 feet. I really like to play video games in my free time too. My favorite games are fortnite and minecraft. I know how to build things and use power tools. I like to spend time with my family. We all like to play uno and watch netflix. I love to spend time with my friends; we all like to sit together, talk, and have fun. I like to go work with my dad when he needs me to. We go install flooring, set up jobs, and fix flooring. something else I am good at it computers. I know how to use them very well and how to make them unleash full performance.


Goals I have when I leave school is to have a good-paying job at least over 80 grand. I also like to get a bachelor's degree so that way when I go to get a job they know I'm good for it. I want to get a powerful gaming pc for gaming, coding, and video editing. When I'm in my 20s I wanna be able to get a supra Mk5 or a GTR. I also want to create a website for my dad's store that way more people are interested in his flooring.

Bucket list

Bucket list
Get a Gaming pc Go to Dubai Eat a expensive steak
Get a supra mk5 Make money Make my own website for everyone to see
stream on youtube Go to Jordan deadlift 200lbs
make my dream gaming room get a audi r8 give gifts to family