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Armani Lang's About Me

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Armani Lang

Future Video Game Developer

He is very handsome


Hello, I’m Armani Lang, a 15-year-old sophomore enrolled at Dauphin County Technical School. One of my hobbies is playing video games I mainly play sports games like Madden NFL 23 and NBA 2k23. Over the last year, I have also been getting into fitness like going to the gym and just getting some exercise in It's not just about the big muscles it's also about being happy and healthy. Lastly, I love watching the NFL (National Football League) my favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys may seem weird, but yes, I’m a Cowboys fan living in Pennsylvania. My favorite player of all time has to be Dez Bryant he was a wide receiver for the Cowboys from 2010 to 2018.

Future Goals

My goal for the future is to get an internship my senior year and then work for that company after high school while going to college.That will set me up good for the future I used to want to be a game developer, but I found a more significant interest in coding websites. I like coding the sites and then seeing my hard work put up on the internet. Sometimes it could be frustrating, but if you're doing a job you really apperciate it will just be fun for you, and that's how I feel when creating websites. One non-web goal related is that I want job that pays well so I can afford an Audi r8 (in red). If I keep doing things I like while working hard I can achieve my goals!

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