All About Me



Hi, my name is Armani Lang. I'm in 9th grade and before I came to Dauphin County Technical school I Went to Central Dauphin East middle school.


One of my hobbies is playing on my Xbox with my friends. I usually play sports games and survival games like Madden or State of Decay. Another hobby I have is watching football (NFL). I just love the excitement of the last minutes or so of a game and the amazing moments. My favorite team is the Cowboys and my favorite player of all time is Dez Bryant. My last hobby is playing baseball. I stopped playing because of everything that happened with Covid. My season got canceled so I just stopped playing. I like playing baseball because of all of the big plays you have a chance to make like throwing someone out or hitting a home run it is exciting. I played right field or second base, not the most exciting positions to play, but it was fun. I also like to travel I put the 5 places I want to go in a table below.

Top 5 favorite video games

  1. Madden 22
  2. Nba 2k
  3. State of Decay
  4. Call of Duty Warzone
  5. Forza Horizon 5
My Top 5 Favorite Places to visit in the future
Places I want to travel What time of year What I’m going to do
Hawaii Summertime Swim with dolphins
Canada Wintertime To try some food
Texas football season To watch my favorite NFL team the Dallas Cowboys
Africa summer I just want to Explore
France summer see all the art and try the food

Future Goals

One of my future goals is to be a Video game developer for a big company. I don't have a specific one. I also want to go to a college where I can get a bachelor's degree in computer science to further my accomplishments to get a good job. Another goal I have is not really a work-related one but I want a 2020 Audi A5 and if I get a good job I might be able to have an Audi one day. I also seem interested in becoming a businessman; owning a business seems like a lot of work but I'm pretty sure I can get it done.

Audi A5

Web Development and Design

When I was in 6th grade I got a flyer in my locker about Dauphin County Technical school so I opened it. I read about all of the programs and saw they had an open house where you can go to the school and explore the school. I asked my mom if she could take me and she said yes. Fast forward 3 years later I'm going to Dauphin county technical school and I went through a rotation and now I had to choose what program I wanted to get into. It was pretty easy,to be honest with you I liked Web Development and Design so I chose web and I got into web and I'm liking it so far. The main reason I choose web development and design is that I like creating things on computers and seeing the outcome be on the internet for anyone to see.