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Armani Lang

Future Video Game Developer

He is very handsome


One of my hobbies is playing on my Xbox with my friends. I usually play sports games and survival games like Madden or State of Decay. Another hobby I have is watching football (NFL). I love the excitement of the game and the happiness you get when winning the game. My favorite team is the Cowboys, and my favorite player of all time is Dez Bryant. My last hobby is playing baseball. I stopped playing because of everything that happened with Covid. My season got canceled, so I just stopped playing. I like playing baseball because of all of the big plays. You have a chance to make a play, like throwing someone out or hitting a home run. I played right field or second base. Not the most exciting position to play, but it was fun. I also like to travel, I want to travel all the 50 states and more when im older.

Future Goals

One of my future goals is to be a video game developer for a big company. I don't have a specific one. I also want to go to a college where I can get a bachelor's degree in computer science to further my accomplishments. Another goal I have is not work-related, but I want an Audi if I get a good job, I might be able to have an Audi one day. I'm interested in becoming a businessman; owning a business seems like a lot of work, but I'm sure I can get it done.

My journey from 6th grade to the end of my senior year

6th Grade

During this time, I was in 6th grade, and one day I got a flyer about DCTS in my locker. I checked it out, and the school seemed cool, so I got excited when there was an open house for middle schoolers like me! Then, I checked out the school,and it did not look different than it does today. To be honest, my choices without really checking out the programs were Criminal something which is now EPS, Culinary, and Web. Anyways I was excited to come to DCTS after middle school.

7th Grade

Now I’m in 7th grade, and everything is fine until covid happened. We had to go completely virtual in late March or early April for the rest of the year. After thinking about it, the school said it would only be for “2 weeks”, but it ended up being the rest of the year. At this time, my grades stayed good, but it was hard t do school online with a 5/6-year-old sister also online.

8th Grade

Now In 8th grade and still doing online school. My friends went back to school, but I did not, because I was scared to get covid and then give it to my family. This year was very difficult because it’s tough to do online schooling without the teachers being there to help you. Yeah, my grades were not the average A and B student I was (and I am right now). When I submitted my DCTS application about a month later, I got a letter of acceptance. I did not know if it was because I did not get in a lot of trouble or not. I was not sure how, but I was happy that I got accepted because my friends got accepted too!

9th Grade

Now, I was happy I got accepted to DCTS and now I had orientation. It was cool that my mom bought me uniform shirts for school which I didn't know about. It was ok, I just didn't know we had to wear “uniforms." Now comes the first 2 ½ months of school. I went through rotation and checked out the programs. Now I had to choose what program I wanted to join. My top 3 selections were 1. Web 2. CNT and 3. Culinary. I got my first selection which was Web, so I’m happy and learning a lot of new things about the Web world!

10th grade

This is my 10th grade year and i'm learning alot. I looked at my 9th grade school picture and I said wow I changed alot. My goals are a lil different, I either want to become a freelance Web Devleoper, a video editor, or a video game developer.

This is the end of my timeline from 6th grade to the end of my senior year

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