All About Me

Hello I'm Abby and this is all about me!

Hobbies/ interests:

One thing I really like to do is read. My favorite genre is probably realistic fiction. My all time favorite book is either "They both die at the end", or "We are the Ants". My favorite part about reading is that it’s calming; and it also helps me focus and fall asleep. Most of all, it’s really fun and entertaining.
Cover of we are the ants  Cover of They both die at the end

Favorite Books/Series:

Another thing I like to do is draw. I draw mostly cartoons and little doodles. I also like to paint even though I'm not really good at it. I also draw characters for my friends. The best part about drawing is that you can be drawing for hours and it would only feel like seconds. Also, I really like listening to music while I draw, because it helps inspire me. There's also a website that I like to use when I'm bored called Quick Draw.

Examples of Art Styles
Cartoon Styles of art Realistc
Abstract Surrealism
Contemporary Fantasy
Modern Retro
Cubisum Psychedelic

One of my favorite things to do is hang out with my friends. Most of the time we watch movies together and talk. We like to snack and make treats; but most of the time, we make cookies. We also like to listen to music and draw. My friends mean alot to me, they are always there for me; so I like to get them gifts or just give them a hug. We also really like joking around with each other.

Future Goals:

After HighSchool I want to become a Web developer. I really want to become a Web developer because I get to help people make their websites work best for them and what they want to do. I think the best part about this job is you get out what you put into it. I’d also like to work in Web design because I get to make the website look cool, and eye pleasing.

Web Development and design:

I really like both sides of web development and design. The design side lets me draw and make websites look really cool. I also really like the development side because it lets me code and make my ideas work. I’m really enjoying web development and design because it lets me work at my own pace, and I get to decide what I want to learn. Also in my down time I get to explore websites and just have fun.