All About Me

By Issa Colon

Basic Info

I have to be honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life for a long time. I would go back and forth between some common ideas like being a veterinarian or perhaps a doctor. I just never had any motivation to do anything. I was smart enough, even at a young age, to know that I eventually had to work a 9-5 job that had to make enough money for me so that I could live life comfortably. I've had that same thought process for a long time, until I took my first coding lesson my 8th grade year. It was frustrating, hard, and completely new to me, and I loved it. I couldn’t get enough of it. When I saw that they had a program like this in DCTS I was beyond excited. I couldn’t wait to start learning, and being in the class now, I know it was the right choice. The code and design and the knowledge I have learned from this class so far has not disappointed me. I can say with confidence that this program is the right one for me.


I really love psychology. It is something I am taking in my Junior or Senior year of high school. I love the study of human behavior, understanding why someone behaves the way they do or what triggered that response, it just sounds so cool! One of the biggest things I want to learn is how to read microexpressions. From what I understand, they are the emotions or expressions that occur for a second and then fade. That's what some detectives look for when interrogating a suspect or what a psychiatrist watches when they are helping a patient. One of the things that got me hooked was a personality test I took in middle school. A mother and daughter pair in the 1940's made the 16personalities we use to categorize people today. They help others and you yourself better understand the tendencies and personalities depending on which four letters you get. I have taken a total of 4 tests, twice on 16personalities, and twice on two different outside personality tests. 3/4 of them said I was an INTP, a rare personality type, even rarer being a female in this personality category.

My Certificates

A cerification of Everfi a certification of my OSHA hours A certification of my knowledge in HTML and CSS basics