All About Me

By Issa Colon

Basic Info

I have to be honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life for a long time. I would go back and forth between some common ideas like being a veterinarian or perhaps a doctor. I just never had any motivation to do anything. I was smart enough, even at a young age, to know that I eventually had to work a 9-5 job that had to make enough money for me so that I could live life comfortably. I've had that same thought process for a long time, until I took my first coding lesson my 8th grade year. It was frustrating, hard, and completely new to me, and I loved it. I couldn’t get enough of it. When I saw that they had a program like this in DCTS I was beyond excited. I couldn’t wait to start learning, and being in the class now, I know it was the right choice. The code and design and the knowledge I have learned from this class so far has not disappointed me. I can say with confidence that this program is the right one for me.


One of my favorite hobbies is to draw. While some days I hate it with a passion, I love being able to take the images in my head and draw them out on paper. I’m still learning how to draw and what my style is but I love looking back and seeing how I have improved from the fist times I’ve started. As of right now, anatomy is my biggest enemy. Trying to draw poses and different body types is something I’ve been attempting to do since I’ve started. I am getting better at it and more confident with my techniques that I use. Since I had started drawing with paper it’s hard to try and integrate what I have learned into the new digital art world. It’s my goal to start working on both my traditional and digital art and oneday become adequate in both styles. Digital art can be expensive though. You might need things like;

And that's just for digital, traditional is even more expensive!

Utensils Brands Price
Alcohol markers Copic $5.24 per marker
Watercolor Winsor & Newton $4.07 per marker
Paint Pens Arteza Prices may vary
Canvases Arteza $44 per average size canvase

That's just the start of it! But, it's my passion, so I find ways to save and continue to do what I love.


I love the idea of zombies taking over the world. I just feel like it would be pretty cool to live on a planet overrun with zombies and having to survive. No more school, no more use for money, no more 9-5 job, all you have to do is survive. I actually applied for a writing prompt scholarship about what I would take if I was in a zombie apocalypse, which was really fun to write. Over the summer, I plan to start writing stories on different reading apps to grow in my writing and put my thoughts into a story, maybe it should be about zombies? You don’t see too many good zombie stories, at least I haven’t. Maybe I’ll be the first? I think that would be cool. There's a bunch of stuff that my main character of the story would need to survive;