Welcome to my Portfolio

Issabella Colon

An edited picture of myself.

I am a WEB Developer with talents in WEB Design. As a willing learner, I look forward to growing in my field.
When I had my first coding lesson in middle school; it was frustraing, difficult, and I loved the challenge. I am confident in basic coding skills such as HTML5 and CSS and I'm excited to earn more about and advance in Cyber/Information Security and Animation.

With plans to expand my knowledge of coding and technologically-based instruments, my agenda will include using my free-time over the summer to do some personal growth and learning. I have many dreams that I plan to fufill and goals in life I will strive to accomplish. For example, a future accomplishment of mine would be to code a "choose-your-own" story where the player makes choices that direct the plot of the story.

These projects below are what I am learning now in WEB...Media Queries!