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About Me

My name is James Briggs. I have a cat at home named Storm. My favorite color is red. My favorite subject in school is math because I’m a good problem solver. Games are something I enjoy playing.

food that I like


I have several hobbies such as playing the trumpet. The trumpet has been an interest of mine since the fourth grade. I like to help my family in any aspect that seems helpful. I like to go on walks. I have a nature trail near my house that I walk. The trail is nice to me because of the nature displayed.

food time day
hot dog 3:20pm monday
pizza 6:00pm friday
pancakes 6:20am sunday
leftovers 6:00pm tuesday


I like to play games with my family or by myself, whether it’s a card game or a video game. I play games when I get done with my work on the TV. I also play mobile games and all sorts of others. My favorite games are the games that associate music to it. One of the main reasons I play games is to relieve me from boredom when I have nothing to do. I play games more to have fun than being competitive.

more things

I also like to sing sometimes when I alone or when I want to.

I try to do my best


The year I got to dc-tech


going back to school