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Freshmen of Bel-air

Toby Truitt


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Toby Truitt's 2024 Portfolio

Here on this page, it will be frequently updated throughout my years of DCTS Web Development and Design.

My name is Toby Truitt, but I always like a couple of nicknames or two. I am currently 16 years old, and I’m attending Dauphin County Technical School as a 9th grade Freshmen.

I like alot of things,
if you ask me,
I’ll start rambling about one thing,
and then the absolute next.
It’s not much to get me to have you lost in my own world of “nonsense”,
as my mother would always refer to it as.
The truth is, sometimes I feel lost with my own thoughts.

About me?

I love Anime, Geometry Dash, and I absolutely adore an anime Character named “Himiko Toga”. Anime has been my biggest passion since I was around eleven years old, from watching Naruto to finishing the entire six season special of Hunter x Hunter. I have grown emotionally attached to many of the characters. I see them on the big screen animated with different facial expressions representing real life perspectives. Their expressions are very unique from traditional cartoons.

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Although I love anime, I specifically idolize Himiko Toga. She’s a complicated character, with a yandere personality. The term “yandere” means that she will go mentally sick for the person she likes, to the extreme of killing for that love interest. Disclaimer, I do not support her love for blood and gore. I actually adore her for the way she acts, and how she is mother-like with everyone at the League of Villains.

Geometry Dash is a platforming game with a series of music, and rhythmic patterns of clicks and taps. I’ve played ever since I was nine years old. The development of the game has been a very slow process, but I am patiently waiting everyday, completing challenges in the Gauntlets, as they are updated weekly. I consider this a challenging and relaxing freelance activity for myself. Robert Topla, the creator of the game, is quite the successful idol that I aspire to be someday.

    My favorite classes listed from best to worst.

  1. Web Development
  2. Math
  3. Science
  4. English
  5. American History
  6. Health

After DCTS?

Eventually when I graduate from Dauphin County Technical School, I’d like to become a professional software developer, maybe even a Game Designer. I’m a stronger writer than others at my age. I’m good at editing other’s work. I struggle at times to remain focused, and to get started on a new process or routine.

Favorite Geometry Dash Demons

Name/Creator Song Rating Attempts
Bloodlust by KnobbelboyGG At the Speed of Light Extreme Demon 10 Stars  979,306 
Hypersonic by Dudex, and more Colbreakz 1000 Extreme Demon 10 Stars 70,537
xo by Krmal xo cover Extreme Demon 10 Stars 47,212
Sonic Wave by Sunix and Cyclic  Sonic Blaster Extreme Demon 10 Stars 193,704
Duelo Maestero by Nacho21 ~~Lunar Abyss~~   Insane Demon 10 Stars (by myself) 773,942

My goals?

To be able to finally learn functional HTML code, how it works, and to be able to use it in the real professional world.


I have a sense for design, the way things could look. I can provide accurate future outcomes within the lines of determining where something can be placed by the computer, after it is put into code.