My Introduction

Welcome ♡, my name is Grace Diaz. I'm currently a sophmore at Dauphin County Technical School, where I study web development and design. This website will showcase not only my projects but my growth while I learn the fundamentals of HTML and other languages.
One thing I really enjoy are videogames. Some of my favorite games are Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Stardew Valley!

My CTE Program and Details

I chose web development and design because I always found programming very fascinating and rewarding. I like working with the smaller details, fine-tuning my craft and striving to accomplish my goals. I'm currently working on HTML, CSS, and soon will be learning JavaScript.

My skills

Future Plans

My future plans are to graduate high school and get my ic3 certifaction. Then I'll look into getting an associates degree to further my reach of career options. For college I'm thinking about attending Harrisburg's University of Science and Technology