I like playing soccer I like playing soccer because of the thrills and how much fun it is Ive played soccer ever since I was little it's a passion of mine
My favorite type of cleats What type of color I like on my cleats The colors I like on my cleats are green and black
Where and when I like to play soccer and the time I like to play soccer at a big open field I like playing soccer when its warm and sunny. The time I like playing soccer is 3 or 4 pm. I don't like playing soccer when it's raining.
What type of soccer ball I like to use, what size of a soccer ball I like, what type of colors I like on my soccer ball I like a size 4 soccer ball I like blue-black and white and red on my soccer ball
What type of body gear I need for soccer If you're a goalie you need goalie gloves You also need shin guards to protect your knees from when people hit and run into you