All about me in html

Welcome! Let me introduce myself. I am Jack Patterson, a student at Dauphin County Technical School. I love my school and the Web Development and Design Program. The best part of following this CTE program is it allows me to join my interests in technology to be creative and help people. I am a hard working student, who takes pride in my work. This year, I will be taking on a new responsibility. In addition to my school work, I have accepted a position at Hershey Park. I am looking forward to new challenges and opportunities.

On a personal note, I have several interests that I enjoy. My family is important to me and I love spending time with them. We take an annual beach trip to Stone Harbor, New Jersey. We have done this since I was an infant. When I am at home, my family and I enjoy playing games on both my Nintendo Switch and good old fashioned board games. Some of my favorite switch games are Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Brothers Deluxe. Monopoly and The Game of Life are always my top choices for game night.

Lastly, my hobbies include swimming, reading, playing soccer and watching Netflix. Currently my favorite book series is Warriors. I also enjoyed the Harry Potter series. I am a fan of books that include adventure and magic, because they let my imagination run free. My top shows I enjoy on Netflix include NCIS, Legacies, and Naruto. If you are not familiar with Naruto, it is an anime cartoon series. Anime has recently become a new interest of mine, as well. So, that is me in a nutshell. I hope you have enjoyed reading about who Jack Patterson is.

My table and what i like to do

I like to watch anime I like anime becuase it's interseting and cool I am currently watching naurto for my anime show
I like playing socccer I like playing soccer because of the thrills and how mch fun it is ive played soccer ever since I was litle it's a passion of mine
My current favorite serieson netflix is Riverdale I like Riverdale because every show is different and unique its a really interesting type of show
My favorite video gme is Tower Defense Simulator on Roblox I really like the game because it's different from allthe other games it makes you learn how to try to stay alive and survive till the very end
I like swimming because it a nice cool refeshing activy to do when its to hot outside I have always like to swim because the water feels so nice on your body why moving through the pool I like swimming at devon manor becuase of their outside swimming pol because of the cool slides after you can go in them you get pushed straight down in the water and make a huge splash
I like playing five nights at freedys The reason why I like playing five nights at freedys is because its interesting how you have to survive the night I hope to beat the game five nights at freedys at some point one of theses days

My favorite classes

  1. Web devolpment and design
  2. Math
  3. Mrs. Creason's room
  4. Lunch
  5. English
  6. Science
  7. Read180
  8. Studyhall
  9. Social studies