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My table and what I like to do

I like to watch anime I like anime because it's interseting and cool I am currently watching Naurto for my anime show
I like playing soccer I like playing soccer because of the thrills and how much fun it is Ive played soccer ever since I was little it's a passion of mine
My current favorite series on Netflix is Riverdale I like Riverdale because every episode is different and unique It's a really interesting series
My favorite video game is Tower Defense Simulator on Roblox I really like this game because it's different from all the other games It makes you learn how to try to stay alive till the very end
I like swimming because it's a nice cool refeshing activity to do when it's hot outside I have always like to swim because the water feels so nice against your body while moving through the pool I like swimming at Devon Manor because of their outside swimming pool becasue of their slides after you go down the slide you drop straight down in the water and make a huge splash and come right back up
I like playing Five Nights at Freedys The reaason I like play Five Nights At Freedys is because it's interesting how you have to survive the night I hope to beat Five Nights At Freedys at somepoint