All About Me!


My name is Joseph Naples. The school I came from is Susquehanna Township Middle School. I like to play video games, mainly Minecraft and some Valorant. I have many hobbies such as hanging out with friends, eating, and sleeping. Sleeping is a must have for me. I play a lot of soccer. Soccer has been one of my favorite sports for as long as I can remember and I have been playing for 7+ years.I would say I am considerably good at it.

Future Goals

I came to DCTech to learn how to code, specifically in HTML. My future goals are to use my knowledge in HTML, Java, and CSS once I learn them and make a career out of it. I want to develop websites and games, both of which are a passion of mine. I’ve played many video games and visited many websites in my time, and I always thought about what it would be like to make my own website/video game. I want to start out working for a company and eventually expand to the point where I can make my own company doing what I love. Many people complain or pick a life career that they don't actually want to and they hate doing but coding is something I've always been interested in and I can’t wait to learn more. Currently I'm not that good of a coder but I'm determined to get better.


I don't really know what else to talk about so I’m going to talk about my favorites, whether that be food, games or something else. My favorite foods are stromboli, pizza, quesadillas and M&M’s if you’d count that as a food. I like to eat a lot, usually when I'm not focused or playing a video game. I am picky about my food though. There are many foods that I don’t like that I never want to have again.

Freshman Classes

Classes are ordered by mr favorite starting by my number 1.

  1. Web development and design
  2. Gym
  3. Math
  4. Science
  5. American History
  6. English
TV Show Pros Cons
Castle It was was a very interesting show about homicides and cops The episodes would get very reptative
The Flash It was made very well and new people are constantly popping up on the show; the show is also very fast paced Because of covid the season was cut short
Stranger Things The show is creepy but very cool at the same time; the show is also very detailed Are there really any cons to Stranger Things?