About Me

My name is Ben Leibig. I am a 15 year old sophomore at DCTS who wants to be a video game developer. I want to be a video game developer because I enjoy coding and learning new program languages and I also enjoy playing video games. Another reason I want to be a video game developer is because video game quality has drastically improved over the last decade and all signs point to even more improvements in the future. I want to be a part of the companies who are going to forever change the video game industry.This is my favorite game company.

Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby outside of school is baseball. I have been playing baseball since I was 5 years old in Susquehanna Township. Now, I still play for Susquehanna Township ,and I am most likely going to be on the varsity team this year. I want play baseball for as long as I can,and hopefully get a scholarship from it. Baseball has taught me many things, including work ethic.

2nd Hobby

Another one of my hobbies is coding. I started learning coding in 7th grade at my old school. At my old school, I only learned basic Html. I didn't really take it seriously until the middle of last year when I knew I wanted to be in the workshop I am in now. I enjoy coding, because it is difficult and because it makes you think.

Favorite Video Games

Favorite Video Games Pros Cons
Super Mario Galaxy A lot of replay value, good controls No Difficulty, bad camera
Super Smash Bros Brawl Good Adventure Mode, Good Roster Can be extremely slow at times, requires no skill
NBA 2k17 Good mycareer story, Best online park Takes a long time to load in