All About Me

Hello, my name is Peyton Lausch. My home school is Central Dauphin East.
I chose to come to dcts for a opportunity of
having a career of my choosing.Even though most of my
friends did not come to dctsI still enjoy being here.
I plan to stay here for my whole highschool experience.

Things I like to do in my free time. I like to
listen to music because it puts me in a better mood and it just sounds good. Next I like to play video games because it is one of my main things for entertainment and it is fun. I also like to watch anime or any show that is interesting to me.
If I’m not doing any of those things I’m usually playing basketball. I enjoy playing basketball because it is something I can be competitive in and it gets me exercise. Those are the main things I enjoy. I do more than those things but I do these more than everything else.

Next my favorite things. My favorite color is red because it just looks better than any other color. My favorite basketball team is the Philadelphia 76ers because they are in Pennsylvania. Next my favorite show/anime is Attack on Titan because the plot of the story is one of the best and the character development is amazing. My current favorite music artist is Polo g because his songs and lyrics have meaning behind them and I enjoy his melodic flows. My favorite shoe of all time is the Air Jordan 1,because it is a very nice shoe and has a lot of history behind it.

My goals in life. The first thing I want to accomplish is to graduate high school. Next I want to go to college to get more experience with what I want to do. After that I want to get a full time job with my career. Eventually I want to have a family that I can provide for.

Freshmen Classes

  1. Web
  2. History
  3. Science
  4. Spanish
  5. English
  6. Math

Favorite Things To Eat/Drink

Food Snacks Drinks
Fried Porkchop Chocolate Water
Empanada Oreos Juice
Chicken Legs Hot Funyuns Soda