About me

Hello my name is Connor Hertz, and I came from Susquehanna Township, the reason why I chose Dauphin County Technical school is because it has a good amount of opportunities, and could help you get better at what you like to do most. What I like to do most is code on my freetime, and hang out with friends. I came to Dauphin County Technical School for Web Development and Design because it caught my eye and interested me since I like working on websites, and just working on anything that has to do with programming. It is also a very nice place to meet people since it is an awesome school since everyone treats each other with respect, and there is basically not that much drama whatsoever. Lastly on why I chose Web Development and Design over anything else is because I feel as if it would be a nice place to meet new people, and I would gladly like to learn more then I already know about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Here is a list of hobbies that I have. To start off first I play Highschool Baseball for Susquehanna Township, I am a Left Fielder. I am able to also play Center Field so if the main Center Fielder was to get hurt I would be able to sub in for him since he has been injured. Another hobby that I have is coding sometimes; hereby. on my freetime I code discord bots and depending on what I am feeling at the moment I also do cyber security/ethical hacking but that rarely happens but I am still interested in that. Also, I like to play videogames when I am not busy; those videogames include Overwatch 2, Roblox, Minecraft, Call of Duty warzone, and Valorant at times. I like to hangout with friends, and go places with them when I am in the mood too. Lastly, I like to watch TV shows and Movies, some of my favorite TV Shows as of now are Outer Banks, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and All of Us Are Dead. Therefore, these are my hobbies and what I like to do.

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