About me

Hello my name is Connor Hertz, and I came from Susquehanna Township, the reason why I chose Dauphin County Technical school is because it has a good amount of opportunities, and could help you get better at what you like to do most. What I like to do most is code on my freetime, and hang out with friends. I came to Dauphin County Technical School for Web Development and Design because it caught my eye and interested me since I like working on websites, and just working on anything that has to do with programming. It is also a very nice place to meet people since it is an awesome school since everyone treats each other with respect, and there is basically not that much drama whatsoever. Lastly on why I chose Web Development and Design over anything else is because I feel as if it would be a nice place to meet new people, and I would gladly like to learn more then I already know about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Some of my hobbies are hanging out with friends, playing videogames, playing sports, and I also like to work out. One of my favorite sports are baseball since I play baseball and I am actually pretty good at it, another sport I like is Football since it has a lot of action and is just very entertaining in general in my opinion. Some of my favorite videogames are Minecraft, Valorant, and I also like to develop games on a famous third-party application called Roblox, and I have been trying to get better at making stuff on Roblox ever since, since it is a good start to programming games and way more stuff like that. I also like talking to friends who I know in real life over a chat app for gamers and people of all sorts called Discord, and it is very well known since a lot of famous social influencers and youtube content creaters make servers on Discord for their fans to join and you might be lucky enough to even talk to one of the content creators on Discord, and they usually make servers to keep their fans up to date on new posts that they make on YouTube and or Social Media. Lastly, one of the more enjoyable thinks I like to do when it's summer time is go on vacation, and one of the most enjoyable vacations I had last summer was going to Florida and staying there for about a week at the beach and just spending time with some family and friends.

Future Plans

I wanna try to get into when I finally graduate high school is Computer Programming, Web Developer and or Web Designer, I am also thinking about going to college and become an entrepreneur, and try to develop games, and or websites, and make a good amount of money off of those games and websites I make. If I don't become a business owner, then I am probably going to stick to just working for another company that has to do with programming and developing games and websites, but I am going to try and stick to my goal to become a business owner. Websites that I would like to try and work on and develop are probably ones that have to do with like selling stuff and I would also like to work on websites for certain businesses as well. I would also like to try and develop certain video games such as FPS games, and maybe some survival games as well since those are also quite popular, maybe even VR games but those seem difficult, but if I put a lot of effort into getting better at coding that could probably happen. Lastly, I am also looking into learning more about python and maybe try to get into cyber security, and if that doesn’t work out I will just try to stick to developing websites and games.