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Perla Felix-Gallegos


I'm a very creative person and typically prefer the design aspect of things. I journal in my free time, and I enjoy trying different types of it, such as bullet, art, and junk journaling. Having creative freedom is very important to me. Before starting a journal spread I like to have a color scheme or a concept picked out beforehand, but besides that my layouts tend to be very spontaneous. I also take into consideration what the spread will be about. If a spread is more personal I'll take a minimalistic approach. If it is about a musician or a show I'll add more color and it will be more chaotic. My favorite thing about journaling is that it can get very messy, but in the end you get a very clean result.


I feel like people only ever feel one of two ways for reading; you either love it or absolutely hate it. My love for reading actually started on an app called Wattpad. Now let me explain because I know that a few of you are already judging me like crazy. Back in 6th grade we were only allowed to be on our phones if we were reading and so people found a wattpad in order to play on their phones. I would typically do homework, but I did get bored one day so I asked to use my phone to read and unlike others I actually decided to use the app because I was curious. The first book I saw was the one I clicked. The book was titled "The Last She". It's still one of the best books I've ever read and I've never forgotten it. I would recommend you read it, but the app installed a paywall on high rated books. I'm always happy to say that I knew about the book before it became popular. Thinking about the story always brings me a sense of nostalgia and euphoria.


There has always been something about music that just...it's like it's taking you into different worlds. Much like reading I enjoy getting lost in the lyrics and melodies of every song. Trying to pick a favorite genre has always been difficult for me because I enjoy listening to everything or at least giving it a try - country is an exception. As of recently I started listening to a lot more bands. My favorites thus far are LUCY and DAY6. Before you look them up, yes, they are korean bands or what it is more modernly recognized as - Kpop. They aren't kpop groups as they fall more into the band category. LUCY is made up of 4 members and they stand out because they have a violinist; which is something you typically don't see in bands. DAY6 is made up of 6 members (quote the name) and they make more modern/pop music compared to LUCY.
LUCY Profile
DAY6 Profile

Freshmen Classes

Classes are ordered by my favorite at number 1.

  1. Algebra 1
  2. Science
  3. Web Development and Design
  4. Health
  5. Honors American History II
  6. Honor English 9

Favorite Songs

Artist Song Release Date Album
Enhypen Flicker November 5, 2020  BORDER: DAY ONE 
LUCY Flowering May 8, 2020 DEAR.
LUCY Hero February 16, 2021 INSIDE
The Rose  She's In The Rain October 4. 2018 Dawn
HEIZE Falling Leaves are Beautiful   October 13, 2019 Late Autumn