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All About Me


Welcome to my webpage, my name is Christian Familia. I love to code, it’s almost like reading a book or just something I can do to pass time. I wanted to start coding because I always had a large interest in video games. I always wanted to make my own. Coding is something I find fun, I love computers, and working with them to make lots of cool things is something I am passionate about. I’ve always thought about making my own game or some software that can make other people happy and use it as an escape, there are a lot of different video games that help me and many others.

Why I got into coding

Computers are cool. It’s so fascinating the way they work and know all of this stuff, when I was young I was very confused about how computers function. In recent years I found out about coding but I never dared to try it, simply because it looked too complicated. However, I took the opportunity to come to DC-Tech because now I get to learn how to code and I love it. I like trying to look at open-source code of video games from small developers and mess around with files on my computer to learn more about them. I don’t have too many hobbies besides messing around on the computer and playing video games there isn’t much to do because of Covid.


Coding to me is very relaxing and I find it fun because sometimes it feels good to just type long paragraphs but sometimes I don’t know what to write about. With coding, I can just make a funny webpage when I want. I mostly want to learn to code (different languages) because my biggest interest is helping people and trying to make them happy, why not do it with something I find interesting and fun. In my senior year, I hope to make a solid webpage and also a video game on a website. After, I would like to go to college and pursue my dream of being a video game designer.

Freshmen Classes

Classes are ordered by my favorite at number 1.

  1. Web Development and Design
  2. Science
  3. Phys Ed

Favorite Games - Pros and Cons

Games Pros Cons
Call Of Duty Cold War It has good mechanics in zombies and it feels different and the campaign is enjoyable The multiplayer isn't that interesting and Treyarch are taking a while to release new DLC maps.
Minecraft It is a fun game and can let out a lot of people's creativity and let's people meet and work on things from around the world. Sometimes it gets really boring and there isn't much you can do on different worlds to make them all different besides different buildings. The game also only has major updates once a year ever since Microsoft bought Mojang.
Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise A lot of the older sonic games and some recent ones are good and feel fresh and new. A problem is that the newer sonic games haven't been that fun and it has been a few years since Sega has released a big sonic title.

Game Dev

My biggest interest is in game development. One day I want to make "my dream game" which is usually the game a developer wants to make but needs to have great skills to add all the features. My dream game is supposed to be an rpg, kind of resembeling the old Legend of Zelda games.