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Welcome to my webpage, my name is Christian Familia. I love to code, it’s almost like reading a book or just something I can do to pass time. I wanted to start coding because I always had a large interest in video games. I always wanted to make my own. Coding is something I find fun, I love computers, and working with them to make lots of cool things is something I am passionate about. I’ve always thought about making my own game or some software that can make other people happy and use it as an escape, there are a lot of different video games that help me and many others.

Computers are cool. It’s so fascinating the way they work and know all of this stuff, when I was young I was very confused about how computers function. In recent years I found out about coding but I never dared to try it, simply because it looked too complicated. However, I took the opportunity to come to DC-Tech because now I get to learn how to code and I love it. I like trying to look at open-source code of video games from small developers and mess around with files on my computer to learn more about them. I don’t have too many hobbies besides messing around on the computer and playing video games there isn’t much to do because of Covid.

Coding to me is very relaxing and I find it fun because sometimes it feels good to just type long paragraphs but sometimes I don’t know what to write about. With coding, I can just make a funny webpage when I want. I mostly want to learn to code (different languages) because my biggest interest is helping people and trying to make them happy, why not do it with something I find interesting and fun. In my senior year, I hope to make a solid webpage and also a video game on a website. After, I would like to go to college and pursue my dream of being a video game designer.