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General Information

This is a website made by me, and gives an overview of myself and my skills. I go to DCTS and am enrolled in the IT academy. I enjoy doing things that are laid-back, but require me to use my think, and
find solutions. I also like to allow my creativity to wander, and given the tools to make webpages, I can make almost anything I want.

Reasons for Site and it's Contents

The reason for this site is because I have to do it for a grade. It is also to tell other people and future employers my skills in developing and designing webpages, as well as information about me. The "Future Plans" section of this site will tell you my plans after highschool, as well as up to 10 years after graduating. The "About" section gives you more information about me and how to contact me. The "Projects" section will give you a visual of some of my skills.

Information about the CTE Program

The Web Developement and Design shop is a shop at DCTS, where Mr. Dawson is the current instructor of this shop. The shop teaches students HTML and CSS, and paves a path for students to continue on with HTML and CSS after highschool. It not only teaches HTML and CSS, but other things, such as photoshop. The shop has many opportunities for students to get a good understanding of how HTML and CSS work.