Neisser A. Ribera

About Me

Hello! I am Neisser Ribera! I am a Junior in Web Development & Design at Dauphin County Technical School. This junior year is my first year here. But I had already had previous experience before my start at DCTS. Some favorite foods of mine are:Lasagna,Pastelilos,and Chicken Wings. My favorite animal is a Platypus. I enjoy running, gaming, and boxing. I don't have any specific taste in music. I have 2 dogs. I am Puerto Rican & Bolivian. I've had an interest in coding and gaming for about as long as I can remember. This webpage serves as a home and introduction to my professional Web Development & Design portfolio! It houses links to my professional work in this program!

Goals and Beliefs

My goals are to have a career in Game Development & Design. I believe that this program at DCTS can bring me closer to that. My family and friends are very important to me. I want to create. I also want to harness skills in Web Development and Design to work up to Game Development and Design. I want to create games, software, and webpages that people will enjoy. As well as potentially being employed at Valve Corporation in a Game Development and Design position.


My game design and programming inspirations are Portal 2,Team Fortress 2,and Rayman Origins. Portal 2's atmosphere and storytelling combined with engaging gameplay is what makes it an inspiration for me. Team Fortress 2 is an incredibly entertaining game but has a problem with "code spaghetti" in it's source code,a problem that TF2 inspired me never to have. Lastly,Rayman Origins is a golden example of great game design for a 2D platformer.

Neisser R.