Neisser A. Ribera

About Me

Hello! I am Neisser Ribera! I am a Senior in Web Development & Design at Dauphin County Technical School. I am Puerto Rican & Bolivian. I enjoy running, gaming, and boxing. Some favorite foods of mine are:Lasagna,Pastelillos,and Chicken Wings. I've had an interest in coding and gaming for about as long as I can remember. I want to create websites that are informational,useful, and accessible. My work and my progress over time can all be seen in my portfolio of projects. This webpage serves as a home and introduction to my professional Web Development & Design portfolio!


My goals are to continue improving in Web Development and have a career in Video Game Development & Design. I want to create webpages, software, and games that people will enjoy. My goals are to go to a college for a degree in Computer Science or Multimedia Design and to dive into the Web Development and Design workforce. As well as a long term goal of being employed at a video game development studio like Valve Corporation or Insomniac Games. Or founding my own independent video game development studio.


My game design and programming inspirations are video game software that I have experienced myself such as Portal 2,Team Fortress 2,and Rayman Origins. Portal 2's atmosphere and storytelling combined with engaging gameplay is what makes it an inspiration and all-time classic for me. Team Fortress 2 is an incredibly entertaining game but has a problem with "code spaghetti" in it's source code,a problem that TF2 inspired me never to have. Lastly,Rayman Origins is a golden example of great game design for a 2D platformer.

Neisser R.