Hello my name is Emily but I like to be called Emi. I am a junior and I’m 16 years old. I like to sleep and watch NetFlix. I enjoy playing video games and reading books. I like to go out with my friends and have fun.


I like to watch a lot of shows and movies on netflix. Im currently watching Squid Game. I like to watch a lot of Korean shows and Anime. I like to watch a lot of romance and action. One of my favorite K-drama was Vincenzo. I like to watch a lot of romance anime. I dislike watching any type of sad anime because I will literally cry.

Erased Trailer! Vincenzo Trailer!

Video Games

I love to play video games. I like to play a lot of Warzone and Fortnite. I get yelled at a lot because I rage when they kill me cus it either the stupidest way that I died or there just too good. I got into gaming at a young age. I grew up watching my mom and dad play black ops. When Black ops 1 came out I was 5 years old.

Black Ops Trailer!


One thing that I enjoy is reading books. I like to read any type of genre, especially romance. Reading books is something that makes me sentimental because I get attached to the characters. I dislike reading sad books or mangas.