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All About Me

My name is Shapal Rai, I'm from Susquehanna Township School District and decided to enroll in Dauphin County Technical School in my 8th grade year for the opportunity to have a first hand experience in web development and recieve a education that will benefit me in the future. I play soccer for my home school's high school team and i also play the guitar, some of my other hobbies are playing video games and watching the sunset

CTE Program

WEB Development and Design program, teaches you coding, software design, and skills you will need after high scool that will benefit you later on in your future by the end of high school i would like to learn more about the different coding coding languages such as HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, and more


In the future i plan to do something that related to technology and the skills that i've learned here in Web Development will help me in that but i'm not completely sure i'm gonna do something related to computers, hopefully by the end of my sophmore year i can decide if i'm really going to do something related to this program of study.