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What is my website about?

My Website is about me, My future plans, Records and my Contact info. Some base information about me is that I go to Dc-Tech but I am from Harrisburg School District. I am a single child and I was raised by my mom. I chose Dc Tech because I want to prepare myself for the future and It academy does that.


My home town is Harrisburg where a lot of people never go to college because they never get the oppertunity to or can't pay for it. There is a lot of crime in the city and there are kids who fall into that life. My school district at this moment 1/1/20 is owned by the state to help it recover from an finacal crisis. I wanted to talk about this because these are the struggles of the city, of my life and I want to help Harrisburg out if i become succesful in my life. Even though all of these putbacks I am still an proud citizen and I'm proud to call Harrisburg home. I have entered my second year of high school and I have to deal with Covid19, life has gotten harder as we now went to one day at school as of 12/2/2020. I am not used to online schooling and it shows with my grades.

Cte Program

I chose Web because when I'm older want to work with some type of coding, I'm thinking about the game industry. Also if I have coding experience out of highschool I can get a good job right out of it, which will help as I'm planning to go to college. When i first enrolled in this school Web was my first choice and I knew what I wanted to do from the start. I knew that if I did this that I would have a straight path to my goal of becoming a video game designer. I like the fun but informing learning enviorment, as it helps me remember everything.