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picture of me

What is my website about?

My Website is about me, My future plans, My Past projects and my Contact info. It also presents about what my general skill is with photoshop, html, and css that can show you if I am capable of doing the job you want me to do. It can also show the topics or things I know a lot about. I hope that you are impressed and that you are pleased with my skills.

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Cte Program

I chose Web because when I'm older want to work with some type of coding, I'm thinking about the game industry. Also if I have coding experience out of highschool I can get a good job right out of it, which will help as I'm planning to go to college. When i first enrolled in this school Web was my first choice and I knew what I wanted to do from the start. I knew that if I did this that I would have a straight path to my goal of becoming a video game designer. I like the fun but informing learning enviorment, as it helps me remember everything.

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My future

2 years from now

2 years from now I expect myself to be accepted into a college and an senior year of high school.

5 years from now

I hope to still be in college and have some work in the field I choose.

10 years from now

In 10 years from now I hope to be in a major game studio and that I don't have to stay working for restless hours

About me

Brief Summary About me

Hi my Name is Jeremiah McCain and I was born in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. I wanted to come to Dc-Tech since I was in middle school. I'm excited for what the futures holds ahead of me and the endeavers I will pursue. I like things such as Gaming, anime and aot.

My Dream Car is an Mclaren 650 lt and wideboding it

Find out what I want the color to be

Mclaren 650s