This is me, Mazen Abusaleh

Me in heavy drip...

This is me in some heavy drip...

General Information:

I attend Dauphin County Technical School, where my shop is Web Developemnet and Design. Because I enjoy gaming, chatting with friends online, and watching YouTube on my spare time, these tie greatly into my shop because coding is required to make any kind of content. This simply facinated me into learning about the web and coding in hopes of making promising software, applications, and maybe video games too.

Reason for creation of the site:

The reason I created this website is to express who I am and how I could benefit an employer's company by giving them an "all about me" on a website. This is a way of making a good first impression on my employers, and to express my creaivity and passion through coding. I made this in hopes of catching the eyes of an employer who'll hopefully give me a comfortable job as a content creator.

Information about CTE:

This is Web Devolpment and Design, here I learn the basics of making a website; research the basics of HTML, CSS, and other coding languages; some recap of digital citizenship; and using photoshop products to create images for our websites.