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I am Owen a sophomore at Dauphin County Technical School. I am currently enrolled in web development and design. In web we mostly use html5 and CSS. The study of web design can lead one to code and create websites for themselves or for clients. Also, in my spare time, I have gained experience with video gaming which is another career path. I consider myself a fan, and near expert, of the Halo universe.

Other interests of mine include anything related to the WW2 area of history, darling in the franxx, the quintessential quintuplets,and the SCP foundation.


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The creation of this site is an ongoing piece of work, which I plan to add to, as I gain understanding and experience in the area of web design.

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The web development and design classroom encompasses building, coding, and publishing standards-based content for a variety of formats including the web, smartphones, and tablets. mr.Dawson is the shop teacher he is prity cool.

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