Hello! My name is Valerie Valdez

I create cool GRAPHICS;
+ other stuff.

Hello! As I mentioned before, I am Valerie Valdez ;D. When I applied to Dauphin County Technical School, my original intention was to join the medical program. I grew up playing weird online surgery games and watching extraction/surgery videos a bit tooooo much, so my family always believed I would become a surgeon or doctor. I always assumed this to be true as well until I came to DCTS. When it was time to officially choose which program I wanted to join, I was a bit overwhelemd yet in awe of all of the different choices I could have made. A thought then struck me. "hmmm..

...lemme do something new.""

I then swiftly applied to Web Development & Design! I don't regret my decision at all, as this was the best time for me to explore different industries. I've always had a subtle interest in technologies since a young age, so it was super cool to actually delve into some of those hidden interests. While in this shop I've gained a big liking towards the design aspect of website creation. I enjoy making things look pretty and unique and my favorite way of doing this is through graphic art.