Richard Sims


Hello! Welcome to my site. My name is Richard Sims. I will take you on an exploration through my background and work field interests. This site includes clear-cut information about me, my plans, and projects.

The main purpose of this site is to obtain an entry-level Web Development and Design position where I can apply my skills, gain knowledge, and grow within a company. This site is also for displaying, managing, and reflecting on my web projects and goals effectively and with ease.

Future Plans

2 Years

I will graduate high school, I will attend a college or get a job in the work field related to my program of study, web development and design.

5 Years

I will be in college or have a job related to my field. I will have my own residence.

10 Years

I would have graduated college, working a job or be starting a buisness levarged off my previous job.

When I was a little kid I always played video games. I also was growingly getting interested in the development of video games. My future plans is to graduate high school with college credits, learning all I could have learned about web design. Then I want to go to MIT college located in Massachusetts, and learn how to design video games. When I graduate MIT college, I will eventually own my own game design company putting out the hottest video games on the market.




    101 Explain the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) system for hazardous chemicals and materials.
    102 RESERVED
    103 RESERVED
    104 Practice correct ergonomic strategies. (i.e. posture, wrist placement, monitor configuration)
    105 Identify the characteristics of positive digital citizenship.
    106 Maintain a positive digital footprint.
    201 RESERVED
    202 Interpret and use information technology terminology.
    203 Identify Internet and related security issues in relation to the OSI model.
    204 Summarize and present information using communication technology skills.
    205 Analyze and evaluate Acceptable Use Policies (AUP).
    301 Research the history of information technology.
    302 Analyze the impact of information technology on business.
    303 RESERVED
    304 Determine basic data types and file storage sizes.
    305 Describe the evolution of the Internet and how it is used.
    306 Identify emerging technologies.
    307 Analyze the impact of information technology on society.
    401 Create documents related to information technology using word processing/publishing software.
    402 RESERVED
    403 Create spreadsheets for real-world business problems.
    404 RESERVED
    405 Identify software associated with web development.
    406 Differentiate the criteria for conducting searches on the Internet.
    501 RESERVED
    502 RESERVED
    503 Use connectivity devices and peripheral equipment.
    504 Manage the various file types in accordance with content management principles.
    505 Compare and contrast the basic differences among operating systems.
    506 Investigate basic issues affecting system purchase and upgrade decisions.
    507 RESERVED
    508 Perform basic software configuration operations.
    509 Describe the importance of data backup strategies.
    510 RESERVED
    601 Identify the elements that are required to connect to the Internet.
    602 RESERVED
    603 RESERVED
    604 Compare the features of web browsers.
    605 Explain file transfer mechanisms.
    606 RESERVED
    607 RESERVED
    608 Describe web publishing systems as it relates to FTP protocol.
    609 Examine SSL / TSL and encryption implementation on websites.
    701 Differentiate between client side and server side languages
    702 Identify the types of programming languages used in web design.
    703 RESERVED
    704 RESERVED
    705 Evaluate computer programming languages.
    801 RESERVED
    802 Use various software programs associated with graphics and interactive media.
    803 Configure the software used to create graphic content.
    804 Perform image file optimization for use on web.
    805 Create a comprehensive brand identity including style guide/tiles.
    806 RESERVED
    807 RESERVED
    808 RESERVED
    809 Use the Golden Ratio in graphic content.
    810 Differentiate between raster and vector images as they apply to graphic and web design.
    811 Practice typographic concepts. (i.e. legibility, readability, hierarchy)
    812 Create an object using graphic design software.
    813 Apply color theory to design content.
    901 Identify project management, including time management components.
    902 Plan an effective design for a project using wireframing, thumbnails, or storyboard procedures.
    903 Apply principles of design, layout, and typography appropriate for a project.
    904 Practice the steps in a web design life cycle (planning, development, deployment, testing, and revision).
    905 Utilize the Golden Rule of thirds and 960 grids.
    906 Practice use of the steps in the design development / process.
    907 Critique a project to determine whether it meets the designated guidelines.
    1001 Create a document in a format appropriate for electronic distribution.
    1002 Convert a document to electronic format.
    1003 RESERVED
    1101 Identify the components of an effective multimedia project.
    1102 Create a storyboard or outline for a multimedia project.
    1103 Use master slides, templates, and/or themes.
    1104 RESERVED
    1105 Incorporate charts, graphs, and/or tables into a multimedia project.
    1106 Enhance a multimedia project with user interactivity.
    1107 Incorporate elements from other sources into a multimedia project.
    1108 Edit a multimedia project.
    1109 Create handouts and/or other visuals for a multimedia presentation.
    1110 Deliver a multimedia presentation.
    1111 Critique a multimedia presentation to determine whether it meets the designated guidelines.
    1112 Demonstrate proper grammar and punctuation related to multimedia content.
    1201 Explain the security issues related to computers and Internet technology.
    1202 Describe copyright issues and laws related to creating desktop-published, multimedia, and website design projects.
    1203 Comply with copyright laws when creating advanced desktop-published, multimedia, and website design projects.
    1204 Avoid unethical/inappropriate use of elements in advanced projects.
    1205 Comply with licensing agreements.
    1206 Practice procedures to guard against computer crimes.
    1207 Describe design of websites for accessibility and accommodation of persons with special needs.
    1208 Comply with accessibility and accommodation of persons with special needs.
    1209 Discuss and distinguish the Digital Millennium Copyright Act requirements and examples.
    1301 Describe the process and requirements for obtaining industry certifications related to the design, multimedia, and web technologies.
    1302 Identify testing skills/strategies for a certification examination.
    1303 Demonstrate ability to successfully complete selected practice examinations (i.e., practice questions similar to those on certification exams).
    1304 Compose a professional online career portfolio.
    1305 Create a resume in industry standard software using principles of design.
    1401 Collaborate with peers and others to develop about design and content plans.
    1402 Demonstrate effective client presentation skills in an effort to gain business through the exploration and utilization of various business formats, technologies, and environments.
    1403 Assessing client needs (complete a needs assessment for a client).
    1404 Create a client proposal.
    1405 Plan and develop a client job cost analysis.
    1406 Write and deliver a client contractual agreement.
    1407 Provide customer technical support for created content.
    1501 Operate What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) software.
    1502 Use an HTML text editor.
    1503 Create tables in HTML.
    1504 Add color and format text.
    1505 RESERVED
    1506 Create hyperlinks.
    1507 Proofread and edit a website.
    1508 Test and validate a website.
    1509 Publish, update, and maintain a website.
    1510 Critique a website according to accepted website design principles.
    1511 Optimize and insert images to a website.
    1512 RESERVED
    1513 RESERVED
    1514 Optimize and add audio and video to a website.
    1515 Optimize and add an animated image to a website.
    1516 Examine emerging trends in website design.
    1517 RESERVED
    1518 Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in websites.
    1519 Analyze a web site analytic report.
    1520 Examine web server technology.
    1521 RESERVED
    1522 Create page sections using the standards of HTML5
    1523 Implement a DIV element to separate content on a webpage.
    1524 Practice proper head container meta data (i.e. title, keywords, description)
    1601 Practice the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in web development.
    1602 RESERVED
    1603 RESERVED
    1604 Implement an ID selector to apply and identify style rules.
    1605 RESERVED
    1606 Implement a class selector to apply and identify style rules.
    1607 Create and link an a single external style sheet.
    1608 Validate CSS code.
    1609 Implement an HTML element selector to apply and identify style rules.
    1701 Develop flowcharts to demonstrate program logic and explain object handlers.
    1702 Place JavaScript in HTML files.
    1703 Construct JavaScript functions.
    1704 Write conditional statements and loops in JavaScript.
    1705 Implement event handlers in HTML files.