Future Plans


When I get my job with becoming a Web Designer and get a stable salary, I'll make plans to move out to nearby homes nearwhere I already live so that I can still live near my family and stay near the same roads. The whole area around me will be the same, so there will be nothing new to learn while driving.


When I get out of high school, or when working in the summer, I'll try to look for a job related to IT so that I can get some early experience that I could benefit from. After high school, I'll try to at least get a bachelor's degree in Web Development and try to get a job that requires me to manage and fix up any errors on some websites.


After moving, I'll take my cat that we already have because I don't think anyone else wants to take care of her. I'll also get another cat or just any medium-size animal like a dog so that she won't get lonely when I go to work each day.