About Me

My Classes:

I have Web Development And Design, American Government, Biology, Personal Finance, College Prep. English, and Geometry. All of these classes last for 39 minutes long each, but Web Development And Design lasts for 2 hours, and will be taken every day, every year.

My Hobbies:

At home, I like to try and to exercise my knowledge with HTML and it's limitations, like how some code doesn't work on some browsers and specific unusual formats. I also like to just play with my cat whenever she's acting nice. Other than that, I mostly just do chores or stay on my computer and bed. I sometimes read if I know there's a book I want to read.

My Abilities:

So far, my greatest strength in the Web Development And Design program is working with Photoshop. I can change colors of images and sizes of some objects, along with changing the background. In other classes, I can pay attention closely and work quietly like anyone is supposed to.s

Facts About Me:

I come from Lares, Puerto Rico, a small town that didn't have many jobs and had many disasters frequenly. This caused my family to want to move here, and my grandparents helped pay for our trip. I went to Paxtang Elementary, Swatara Middleschool and Central Dauphin East Middleschool. I chose to come here because I knew that most of the people in my homeschool were just going to be annoying, and this place has a much better education plan anyways.