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General Information

My name is Andrea Melendrez, and I am fifteen going on sixteen. I was born in Pennsylvania, raised in Pennsylvania (I try to forget the two years I spent in Indiana), and now currently live in Pennsylvania. I am currently a sophomore at Dauphin County Technical School studying Web Development and Design. The reason I'm studying Web Development and Design is because I, obviously, wish to pursue a career in this field. I truly think that the future will heavily depend on the internet, and I want to help build that future by making websites. I could make an app that could help people through their everyday lives, or I could create a popular game for people of all ages to play. I dunno. There are multiple possibilities. Also, I love music, except I am tragically unable to sing or play an instrument.

Reason For Site

Besides the fact that I'm doing this because I want to get a good grade in this class, I think that it's a good idea for me to make a project like this. I think it's a good idea because if I get into this shop (spoiler alert; I got into this shop) and make a plethora of projects that I'm particularly proud of (spoiler alert; I do end up making a plethora of projects, albeit not many that I'm proud of, but it's whatever), I'll have somewhere to document those projects. And if I somehow, miraculously, manage to achieve something important or impressive, I'll have a place for it to be archived until I need to show a potential employer. Also, it'll help me see my progress in this class, since I'll be able to see three years from now how my knowledge of coding has grown. I'll be able to analyze what habits I tend to do when coding and what errors or mistakes I often do and can find a way to correct them. And also I think this would be a wonderful place to practice what I learn.

Information about Web

In the Web Development & Design program, students will learn to build, code, and publish standards-based content for a variety of formats including the Web, smartphones and tablets. The instructor will present a disciplined approach to software design and coding with students working to achieve mastery level of multiple languages used in interactive design such as HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, and more. Students will learn about writing, markup and coding of Web sites while gaining theoretical knowledge about current practices and standards of Web informational design. This will prepare students for the daily demands and obligations of the work environment and emphasize the importance of adherence to copyright laws and regulations for Web content. I copied and pasted this from the Web Development page on the school website, so feel free to click the link for more information about this shop. Just be aware that as soon as you click on the link you will see the thumbnail of a video that has me on it, and just know that yes, I know I'm ugly, I wish it'd be changed, and I forever cringe whenever I see it. But it's whatever.