Future Plans

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My Plans After High School

I know I should already start planning for what I'll be doing after I graduate, but the only thing I have in mind is taking a year-long break from school in Mexico, which I know is not the smartest thing to do, and it's something that many of my relatives - ones that I talk to on the daily, some that I only see once a year, and others that I forget exist or didn't know I was related to- tell me it's a bad idea. But it's not something I think will actually happen, it's just something I hope will happen. Other than that, I plan on enrolling in Harrisburg University, since it's close to home and is just beneficial. Also, I could get credits from that school once I enroll in the dual program next year, so that's good. My mom wants me to go to another school though, one that's two hours away, but I still need to look into it. I just hope I don't end up being boring in the future. it's not that I'm not boring already, but I don't wanna be boring by my standards, y'know? I want to learn another language, like Italian, or German, or Hindi, or even Korean, because I think they all sound so interesting. I need to brush up on my Spanish as well, since it's a bit rusty. I also wanna draw more, or learn how to play an instrument. And I want to travel somewhere new ever other year or so, whether it be simply in another state or an entirely different country. Maybe South America. I dunno; only the future will tell. Oh, I also forgot to mention that I hope that by the time I graduate I am able to get a different job, but it's unlikely. And I hope I don't regret choosing this career path at such a young age.

Two Years from Now

Two years from now, in 2022, I will be in my senior year here at Dauphin County Technical School, assuming I don't drop out. I hope that I've expanded my knowledge of coding, and have not taken on more than what I can handle. I just don't want to pressure my future self, but it's difficult because of all the expectations my family has for me. The only big goals I have for myself are that I wish to try to get a class rank within the top 25, to focus more on the studying I do at home, getting my driver's license, get my own car, and to know what my limits are. As in, to not pressure myself into taking honors classes in classes I know I do not excel in, such as math and science.

Five Years from Now

Five years from now, it will be 2025 and I will be around 20-ish years old. After graduating high school, I would like to take a year off before starting college, despite all of the adults in my family trying to convince me to do otherwise. I have it planned out though; I want to live in Veracruz and visit other places every once in a while, like Xalapa, which is where my grandpa lives, Tinajitas, which is my mom's hometown and where many of my family members on my mom's side live, and La Paz de Ordaz, which is my dad's hometown, and is where a majority of my family on my dad's side lives. The latter, however, will be more difficult to visit because I'd have to travel by plane since I'll be staying in Veracruz, which is on the east coast of Mexico (next to the Gulf of Mexico, if I'm not mistaken), while La Paz is in Jalisco, which is on the west coast. But what's really cool is that even if I don't get to have my full year off, I'm still pretty sure I'll be able to stay in Veracruz every summer because my parents have been talking about buying a condo there in a nice neighborhood, which doesn't cost as much as it would here. Well, it's not a condo, per se, but it's the best way I can describe it; in spanish, the type of house my parents want to buy is referred to as a departamento, which translates to "house apartment". After either taking a year off or graduating high school, I want to attend Harrisburg University. I'll probably graduate either 2024 or 2025, depending on whether I take the year off. I dunno. But this is what I hope happens in five years.

10 Years from Now

So in ten years it will be 2030, and I will be somewhere around 25-26 years old, so I'll basically just be really, really old. Like, my glory days are for sure over by now. I've probably peaked in life by this point. Nothing cool or exciting is gonna happen anymore. My dogs are probably dead or close to death by now, which sucks. I won't be hip with the kids anymore, and I'll be referred to as a zoomer instead of boomer because I'm Gen Z and all that. Actually now that I think about it, I'm probably dead by now. Just kidding. All jokes aside now, I see myself living in Seattle in 10 years. I will be having dogs, either the ones that I have now, or new ones if I decide to leave my kids with my parents here in Pennsylvania. I thinking about getting Borzoi dogs or an Afghan Wolfhound once I'm an adult, because they seem sophisticated yet goofy, which I adore, or maybe a pitbull or another American Bully, because I think they are also adorable. I just want to get a medium-to-big sized dog because I want companionship, but also would probably want them to act as a type of guard dog for my apartment. I hope to be able to visit my family on the holidays, and to be able to support them by sending money. I also hope, that for my sake, I call my parents regularly. I think I'll be working as a web developer (big woah) or to create my own social media platform where you can share what you think or believe in - a place to vent, I guess. Or something similar to Instagram but without likes or follows so people don't become mentally unhealthy because of it. But thinking bigger, I want to do something in my life that can help the world and environment. Ecosia is a search engine dedicated to growing trees or every search done through their search engine, and I want to give back in a manner similar to that. Maybe I'll do some local volunteer work, I dunno. Just something that will help people. Even if it's small. I also don't think I'll have a significant other, just a group of friends I can depend on and have fun with, like a second family. If I'm being completely honest, I just hope I don't go on a tinder date and get murdered or anything; I find that terrifying, and especially because I'll be across the country from my family. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.