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About Me

So I'll be honest; I super indecisive and suck at sports. I wish I was good at drawing, but I have neither the time nor talent for it. I also find it important that I mention that I once went through an emo phase in middle school, which was hilarious. I dyed my hair, listened to My Chemical Romance - that whole thing. It's also important that I mention that I hate spicy food, which is a problem since most of the traditional foods in my family are spicy, and I end up being called delicada, which is Spanish for fussy. I love older music, especially the Beatles. My favorite album at the moment is Abbey Road, but last year it was Rubber Soul, and the year before that it was the red and blue albums with their earlier works. It is through the music that I listen to that I categorize chapters in my life, I've come to realize. What's weird though is that I've been starting to listen to pop music, like Harry Styles, and low-fi, which is weird for me, but it doesn't matter; good music isn't a single genre. I also have a job! Finally! I work as a busser in a restaurant, and although it isn't the greatest thing, I'm just glad I have a means of earning money and being able to buy things for myself, which I've never really been able to do before. But I also end up feeling guilty and privileged, in a way, since what I make from working once a week is something that people in Mexico struggle making.

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Email: 22amelendrez@dc-tech.org

Phone: (717) XXX-XX26

School: Dauphin County Technical School

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