In 2 years

I will be in 11th grade in two years. I plan to be in Web design. I will be 17 years old which would make me eligible to drive. I want to be able to drive, so that I can travel places. I could go anywhere I desire, in Harrisburg.

In 5 years

I will be 20 years old in 5 years. I hope that I am in college at this time. My ideal plan at this time would be to drop out of college to start my own business and become the next Bill Gates. But that would probably never happen, so let me choose a realistic plan.



In 10 years

I will be 25 years old in 10 years. I hope that, at this time, I have already graduated from college and I live a good life. I want a job in the Web developing field that pays me around 75,000 dollars annually or more.