About Me

My name is Richard E. Adair, and I like to play basketball I am very athleic.

Then I got interested in basketball and started playing and got better over the years.

Right now I an in the 9th grade and it isnt as strict as I thought it was gonna be.

Some people call me Rich, my stepdad calles me Richmoney and it stuck with me ever since.

Only eople that are realy close to me or knew me for a long time call me that name.

What sport do I like?


What grade am I in?


My Future Plans

My future plans are to have a good job and have a lot of money. So I can have a nice house and a good car.

I wanted to be in the NBA when I was younger, but that dream has past and I want to own my own buisness.

So I can have my brother and sister work for me so they can have a job because i already know them so I know

what they can and can't do.