Nalia Wright

Web Designer/Developer/Artist

Welcome to the Oasis!


My name is Nalia Wright and I'm a Junior in high school. I am a web designer and developer in training as well as an artist in my freetime.

This website is an updated portfolio that includes information about me, my goals, and my past projects. Maybe one day it could suffice as a job getter, to show my boss what I’m capable of. Boss if you see this, please hire me!

As you may have guessed by now, I am studying Web Development and Design at DCTS. We work with computers to create content and visuals for the world wide web to see. We use many Adobe products to do our work, and our main line of business is websites. We trained to make websites for different companies and for different causes. We also made a site for awareness of the California Forest Fires. That is one of the projects which I can show you. Find it. 😉

We learn about the importance of copyright and all that good stuff. We learned how to create cool 21st-century visuals for our 21st-century websites. Ah yes, the websites. We learn coding languages for doing all of this. We started out with HTML. (Hypertext Markup Language) It is the most important coding language for all of the existing websites currently. It’s like the skeleton of the website.

Although HTML is kind of limiting visually and sometimes functionally as well, it’s mainly just the skeleton. It’s vast but pretty straight forward. So straightforward that it needs help to get those cool effects that you see on those famous, well made sites. (This is my opinion)

You know what is even more straightforward but very flexible? The second language that we learned. CSS! (Cascading Style Sheets) This is one of the design parts of the Shop which I love. My favorite coding language is CSS. Because I am such a lover of the arts, I appreciate all of the cool and interesting visuals that are accomplishable through CSS. It can get as simple as:

    div { 
      background-color: blue; 

Or as complicated as:

    header .h1:nth-child { 
          width: 100px; 
          background: @navy;
          margin: 50px; 
          transform: translateY(-50%); 

There's also robots involved! During freshman year at Christmas, we built a minicar and almost programmed it with a Raspberry Pi so we can control it via an online program or a controller. Sadly, we ran out of time. It’s been three years and I’m still sad about it haha... 😶

Anyways, There is a lot to this Shop. It’s part of a two Shop Program (The smallest in the school) known as Information Technology (IT). The other Shop in this Program is called Information Systems Technology (IST). Pretty similar to the name huh? That’s because they do the building and fixing of the computers that we use to make software and content. Of course, we both need to know each other’s trade in order to do the work. Let me just say... I prefer the Web. If you want to know more about it, then visit our website WDD Program or just look up our career code, 15-1134.00 on O*

My Future Plans

Here are my plans for when I finish school.
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My vision for the future
In 2 years: I will be working at a good-paying job, alongside I’ll be doing something artistic to satisfy my need for creativity!
In 5 years: Hopefully, by this point, I’ll be doing pretty okay and will try my hand at doing a proper job related to my Shop. If I need to go back to school by this point I will.


Competency Records

My name is Nalia Wright and I'm a Junior in highschool. I am a web designer and developer in training as well as an artist.

In a school year, there are certain things that we must learn in order to move on. That involves all topic records to be teached by our teachers. Here is a complete list of those records for you to see how I rank on all of them on the Competency Records page. 😃


My Projects

Would you like to see my improvement over the years in the form of mini projects and drawings that I've made? Well step right up and take a look! Many more included on the Projects page!


About Me

My name is Nalia Wright and I'm a Junior in highschool. I am a web designer and developer in training as well as an artist.

When I first came to this school, we as freshmen had a chance to go around to the different academic routes and see what was available to us and choose our three top favorites that we'd be interested in pursuing. My top three was: Graphic Design, Web Development and Design, and Masonry. You can guess what I got into.

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